Homemade Freezer Biscuits

I’ve made these, but a half batch since I am single. Always awesome to have homemade biscuits that has ingredients that you KNOW. Try them. You’ll love them if you love homemade biscuits.


Sweet Potato Adventures

I love sweet potatoes and so happy that I have learned they are not hard to grow and tastes sooooo much better than those bought in the store. If you cannot grow your own, purchase them from a farmers market, or local farm for the best tasting sweet potatoes.
Blessings in your Garden!

If You Want to Grow a Healthy African American Kitchen Garden–Here are Your Marching Orders

Gardening is in my genetic make-up. I carry on the tradition of my grand, great-grand, great-great-grand (and so on) grandparents.


Climate change is real.  While we are still on land we need to figure out how to use this warm spell this year to our advantage.  You might just get eight months of reasonably warm or frost-free temperatures if you are not living in those coastal extremities that favor 8-12 months per year of growing time.

A lot of you have written to me concerning healthier eating and heirloom vegetable gardening, etc.  Let me say this first–in the African, African Diaspora and African American cultural traditions have long embraced the kitchen garden as an essential piece of daily life.  Don’t let the new crop of food advocates and activists fool you–this is a tradition that our Ancestors established, cultivated and fought for…Before anyone ever heard of a Victory Garden we had our truck and huck patches, which served as a means of cultural, economic and social power in the slave…

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