The Slave Dwelling Project — By: Joseph McGill, Jr (Guest Blog)

I am glad to have stumbled upon this project. All tjanks to Jospeh McGill’s feature on History Detectives!

Where the Pavement Ends

My Retirement Trip has been all about “me.”  Joe McGill has been on a different kind of pilgrimage, visiting and spending the night in slave cabins that still exist.  He is doing an important work.  Read what he has to say and pass it on:



Approximately 500,000 Africans made it to the shores of North America only to become some of the enslaved of this country.  When the American Civil War started on April 12, 1861, no slavery existed in northern states but the number of enslaved in this country had multiplied to over 4 million.  America continued to benefit from their knowledge, skill and labor.  Their fate would hinge on the outcome of the war. 

The buildings that we preserve and interpret in this country are usually iconic, architecturally significant and are usually associated with a proclaimed hero.  These iconic buildings are worthy of all of the resources…

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