{Bread Baking} Basic Sourdough

Always love making fresh sour dough bread. It’s time for me to make a new starter…..

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I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, so one of my comfort foods in life is chewy sourdough bread, preferably still slightly warm from the morning oven. While there is decent, although not perfect, commercial sourdough bread available in Upstate New York now, when I first moved here in the late-80’s there was nothing. I experimented with homemade sourdough bread but it never quite worked out.  I haven’t tried it in the last twenty-five years, so I was thrilled to obtain some sourdough starter from the Saratoga Food Swap at Healthy Living Market. I have kept the starter going for a month now and baked bread four times. I  have still not arrived at the bread of my childhood, but am getting closer.

My biggest problem with bread has always been kneading so I like no-knead recipes and I love my all-powerful Kitchen Aid stand mixer that…

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