Sweet Spuds

Always looking for new sweet potato varieties.

The Student Farm at CCCC

What’s Happening…The Guide to CCCC Student Farm Sweet Potatoes

sm edit Covington Carver Bradshaw

I know we’re always talking about the weather, but it’s a very important topic when farming…temperature, humidity, precipitation…
In a mere two weeks we seem to have transitioned from Perfect Summer to Crisp Fall Weather…which is actually quite nice, isn’t it? Time to drink red wine and roast things!

sm edit All Purple Violetta

Highlights of what’s happening at the CCCC Student Farm…

Our farm manager Hillary informs me that the CSA is going to start up again next week. We’ve got five different kinds of sweet potatoes ‘curing’ right now, which should be making their way into those boxes.

We are picking the last of the okra. A body could still scrounge some tomatoes out of here if he or she wanted to…(We gave James, the security guard, a bag and told him to help himself; he likes the cherry tomatoes). I also went and…

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