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Life-long Learner. Believe in keeping GMOs out of the food stream. Locavore. Almost vegetarian. Love to knit, crochet, sing, garden. Love to garden. Love the Lord Jesus Christ, my Savior and Deliver! Army Brat. . . have lived in a lot of places. As an adult, have lived in Colorado Springs, CO; Cheyenne, WY, Honolulu, HI; and Seattle, WA; Love to travel. Love the Caribbean.

Sweet Spuds

Always looking for new sweet potato varieties.

The Student Farm at CCCC

What’s Happening…The Guide to CCCC Student Farm Sweet Potatoes

sm edit Covington Carver Bradshaw

I know we’re always talking about the weather, but it’s a very important topic when farming…temperature, humidity, precipitation…
In a mere two weeks we seem to have transitioned from Perfect Summer to Crisp Fall Weather…which is actually quite nice, isn’t it? Time to drink red wine and roast things!

sm edit All Purple Violetta

Highlights of what’s happening at the CCCC Student Farm…

Our farm manager Hillary informs me that the CSA is going to start up again next week. We’ve got five different kinds of sweet potatoes ‘curing’ right now, which should be making their way into those boxes.

We are picking the last of the okra. A body could still scrounge some tomatoes out of here if he or she wanted to…(We gave James, the security guard, a bag and told him to help himself; he likes the cherry tomatoes). I also went and…

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cowboy caviar

I will definitely be trying this!!

the rigneys

A few of you have asked me if I would post my recipe for Cowboy Caviar and I am more than happy to do so!  This recipe has been a staple in the Rigney fridge since I was pregnant with Sam.  At the time, my doctor recommended that I eat a lot of peppers while pregnant, however, I’m not a huge fan of peppers, so this recipe was a very tasty lifesaver!

This recipe is a little difficult to share because I never use the exact measurements twice.  If I’m in the mood for more of one ingredient and less of another, then I adjust the recipe to our taste and call it a day.

To make things as simple as possible, I’ll share the ingredients we use most of the time, with the most precise measurements that I can recall!  I’m not a rule follower in the kitchen, can…

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Peanut Butter Pie with Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Ganache

I love Peanut Butter. This puts me in mind of a Peanut Butter Reeses Cup in a pie!

I Say Nomato

Peanut Butter Pie with Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Ganache - I Say Nomato Nightshade Free Food BlogSkip to Recipe

Okay, so I’ve been on a dark chocolate and sea salt kick lately. No joke, I’ve made these Mandarin Oranges dipped in Chocolate by Deliciously Yum the past three nights in a row. I cannot. CANNOT get enough!

I also adore this recipe for Peanut Butter Pie from One Ordinary Day. It’s rich and light at the same time, fluffy and crunchy and, above all, in-your-face-Peanut-Buttery! This is what I crave when I crave dessert. I have dreams about the texture of it. The smell of it. The way it looks in the dish, all stiff peaks, just waiting for me to stick my fork in it. Needless to say, I only make it once in a while, because otherwise I need to eat it ALL. It’s been a hit at every (nut-allergy-free) party I’ve brought it to. I can’t order peanut butter pie at restaurants anymore because mine…

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